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Reconnect your core and pelvic floor to build a strong foundation for your postpartum journey. 

Strong Healing Mama

-Laura Thrasher

"This program helped keep me from getting down about where my body was at after having a baby for the first time and not being able to do as much as previously. Being able to safely move my body helped my mental health so much in addition to helping heal my core and pelvic floor!"

You want to build a strong foundation for a smooth postpartum recovery.

You want safe and effective exercises for early postpartum.

You want to minimize pelvic floor symptoms and other common conditions like diastasis recti.

You’re restless & want to move your body before the 6 week mark but aren’t sure how to start.

You’re a perfect fit if: 

You want to expedite your postpartum healing process whether you had a vaginal or c-section birth.

You are experiencing common postpartum discomfort and pain and don’t know how to alleviate it.

You want to establish a healthy core and pelvic floor as soon as possible postpartum.

You want to feel strong as you lift, carry, and feed your little one.

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These tips are what Dr. Anna teaches hundreds of her mama patients in the PT clinic.

Want the top 5 tips for postpartum recovery?

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Strong Healing Mama was developed through Dr. Anna’s personal experience having three kiddos and helping to heal hundreds of patients in the physical therapy clinic!

 This four week program helps mitigate common early postpartum issues including back and hip pain, pelvic pain, pubic symphysis pain, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor symptoms. You can start to build a strong foundation for a healthy postpartum journey. The sooner you address pain and symptoms, the better your body can heal long term. 

Strong Healing Mama provides you healing rehab exercises so you can safely and effectively recover from birth, both vaginal and cesarean.

The Strong Healing Mama Program.

You will be connected to a network of newly postpartum mamas just like you in the Strong Healing Mama community. You’ll also be able to ask Dr. Anna individual questions as needed. Don’t go it alone, get the support and help you need. 

Help is just a click away

Personalized support

Strong Healing Mama is first a physical therapy rehab program. You will reconnect your breath with core and pelvic floor and regain spinal mobility, which will help alleviate common postpartum pains and build a healthy postpartum foundation to build off of. Each video includes visual and audio cues, it’s like Dr. Anna is right there with you, guiding you through each exercise!  

Not just a workout.

Physical therapy focus

Strong Healing Mama is designed to help you to build confidence and eliminate fear as you begin your postpartum recovery. You will regain your mobility and rebuild the brain-body connection over the course of four weeks. You’ll feel the results in your diminishing symptoms and improved body awareness. 

Focus on healing your body

No “bounce back” pressure

The online format gives you freedom and flexibility. You choose when and where you complete your 15-20 minute classes. Whether you choose to complete a class 2 times a week or 5 times, your effort will lead to real pain relief and progress. 

Classes on your (or more likely, baby’s) schedule

Unlimited access

Equip yourself for a healthy motherhood journey by moving purposefully without overdoing it and causing damage. Like all Strong Core Mama PT programs, Strong Healing Mama incorporates education so you can relearn how to tune into your body and move confidently. You’ll learn about the physiological changes during pregnancy and delivery and the focal points for early postpartum. Strength alone won’t keep you moving; you’ll also need to restore mobility after pregnancy. 

Exercises and education combined enable you to confidently move and reconnect with your body.

Confidence moving forward

Every exercise has been designed to keep you safe and healthy. Dr. Anna uses her expertise as a pelvic floor physical therapist to guide you through the movements and demonstrate correct form. You won’t have to wonder if you’re doing the movement correctly as you learn to reconnect your brain and body. Dr. Anna will explain what is happening in your body and how to use gentle, safe and effective movements to restore and rebuild.

Don’t wait to start your healing process

Freedom to move

What's Included?

Beginning to heal abdominal separation

Setting the stage for a strong transition back to activity 

Reconnecting core with pelvic floor

Optimizing healing

Reducing physical pain and discomfort

Regaining mobility

Course Focal Points:

Proper posture for feeding and babywearing

INvest in a healthy future!

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Strong Healing Mama - $49/month

  • Eliminating pain and discomfort of the early postpartum stage?
  • Regaining mobility to hold and play with your little one(s)?
  • Avoiding the need for costly treatment down the road?

Save hundreds of dollars by properly healing from the beginning.

What is the Value of...

-Kelli Gribben

“I completed Strong Expecting Mama during pregnancy and was excited to start Strong Healing Mama in early postpartum. For me having a program that allows me to actively work on recovering from giving birth was a must. I love that Strong Healing Mama works on breathing and gentle strength and stretching movements. It is my self-care right now and is easy to do between all the mama duties for the baby and toddler!”

 I love that Strong Healing Mama works on breathing and gentle strength and stretching movements.

Due to outside payment companies and the nature of digital access, we cannot offer refunds on digital products such as the Strong Core Mama PT Programs. Please email if a payment was made in error. Learn more. 

What is the refund policy? 

YES! Our program is designed to address pelvic floor dysfunction through exercise and education. I am a certified pelvic floor physical therapist with experience treating hundreds of women with pelvic floor issues. The key to the pelvic floor during this time frame is rebuilding connection with breath and the pelvic floor and those exercises are the major focus of this program.

Does this program address pelvic floor dysfunction?

Each class should take between 15-20 minutes in total depending on how many reps, sets and rest breaks you take. I encourage every mom to go through each class at least twice per week to experience results. Once enrolled, you will be instructed on specifics of how to progress through the program to maximize your progress and success.

How much time will this program take weekly?

YES! It is actually extremely helpful to do safe movement in the first six weeks. It can minimize pain and accelerate healing by doing the correct activation and mobility exercises. Then when you are cleared at 6 weeks postpartum you will have already started to build a strong foundation that you can build off of when progressing to more dynamic movements. I am a certified pelvic floor physical therapist and have specialized in this area because I want to help moms move safely right from the start. A lot of the exercises you can do from your bed or in your bedroom.

I thought I wasn’t supposed to do any movement for the first six weeks. Is this program safe?

YES! Both c-section and vaginal deliveries undergo severe core and pelvic floor weakness so both will benefit from the brain-body strength exercises instructed throughout the program. No matter how you deliver, your body experiences a lot of physiological changes so addressing those changes through exercise is very necessary.

Can both c-section and vaginal delivery moms participate?

Anyone that is between 2-8 weeks postpartum is a good candidate for the program. If you are past 6 weeks postpartum when you are ready to start, then I would advise you begin with the Strong Core Mama Program because it is designed for that time frame and beyond.

Who can participate in Strong Healing Mama Program?

Frequently Asked Questions about our program

YES! Check out the blog on Diastasis Recti to learn about how the Strong Healing Mama program can heal your abdominal gap.The whole program uses evidence-based methods to prevent and minimize severe diastasis recti. Each class emphasizes restoring your brain’s connection to your core in order to prevent loss of function of your abs while also protecting your pelvic floor. A common pitfall of many “mom tummy” programs is that they don’t take into account the pelvic floor and how it should properly be working alongside the core in order to heal diastasis recti. Then I end up seeing these patients in the clinic because they now have pelvic floor issues caused by these types of programs. Seeing this so often is one of the major reasons I wanted to create this program!

Does this program address diastasis recti?

There are 2 ways to contact Dr. Anna when subscribed. First, you can ask questions on all of the exercises and both Dr. Anna and other moms enrolled can answer your questions. 
You can also reach Dr. Anna privately through the chat feature. 

How do I reach out to Dr. Anna throughout the program?

Strong Core Mama PT programs are the perfect accompaniment to the work you are doing, or have done, in-person. Dr. Anna’s strong background in sports medicine and orthopedic Physical Therapy results in a unique blend of those types of exercises and education into the pelvic floor work. Strong Core Mama PT’s exercises and education enhances the in-person work. The exercises and education of this program, alongside the hands-on work, will equip you to feel strong and confident returning to all motherhood activity.

I already did see, or do see, a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, will this program still be beneficial for me? 

Yes they are! In order to use your benefits, you will want to get a letter of medical necessity (LMN) from your provider specifying your medical concern. Many providers can fill one out for you upon your request. Learn more Link to Legal page. 

Are any of these programs HSA/FSA eligible? 

Check your email after purchase for instructions on how to login. Once logged in, find your course under products. From there you can access the program videos and the community platform.

I bought a subscription, how do I access the classes now?

When you sign up, you can choose either a year subscription or a month-to-month one. It is easy to change your subscription to another program at any time, even in the middle of a payment period. If you subscribe monthly then cancel before the next billing cycle to avoid a charge. 

How long is my subscription to the program?

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