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Rebuild and restore your core and pelvic floor postpartum.

Strong Core Mama

-Hannah requa, professional dancer

"I was encouraged and inspired by the way the exercises helped me reconnect to my core muscles initially and then begin to strengthen them again. The emphasis on correct pelvis alignment was also very helpful. Anna is extremely knowledgeable and engaging throughout the program. I am so thankful for a program like this! It is helping me feel confident to get back to dancing with a strong core! The encouragement to move slowly and with connection to the breath was very helpful to bring that brain-body relationship back. I appreciated the work in side planks and all the glute activation exercises as those parts of the body feel less stable after pregnancy. I so appreciated the video explanations. I know revisiting these foundational exercises will be key to keeping a healthy lifestyle as more movement comes back into life post baby."

"Core strength is paramount and is so hard to gain back post pregnancy. This program made that process so much easier than in my previous pregnancy/childbirth recovery!! I felt secure knowing Anna had sequenced each week intentionally and my body would be protected while gaining strength"

You want to heal your abdominal separation and regain strength for motherhood. 

You want to move your body without worrying about leaking.

Your kids are older and you’re sick of missing out on playing with them.

You are ready to start moving your body again after having a baby.

You’re a perfect fit if: 

You are done accepting pelvic floor and core weakness as your new normal. 

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Developed based on Dr. Anna’s actual experiences with hundreds of mama patients in the physical therapy clinic!

You can always make positive changes in your body no matter how LONG AGO you delivered your babies or HOW you delivered them. Through this 12 week program you will strengthen and repair your core and your pelvic floor. And with that strength you will regain the joy of movement, symptom and pain-free. Now with a specialized Cesarean Track!

Designed for mamas anytime post delivery, whether that’s 6 months or 6+ years.

The Original Strong Core Mama Program.

Through the Strong Core Mama community and the ability to reach Dr. Anna for questions, you will be fully supported throughout your course. No one should have to do this journey alone or wonder if what they are experiencing is “normal.” 

Help is just a click away

Personalized support

Strong Core Mama is a rehabilitation program first and foremost. You are building the foundation for the rest of your life as a mama. Safety and strength are the goals. Challenging and intentional movements are demonstrated in each class and combined with descriptions of what you should feel as you complete them. Dr. Anna focuses on injury prevention and prioritizes your overall health and strength. 

Not just a workout

Rehabilitation focus

Dr. Anna has carefully structured Strong Core Mama to allow you to build confidence and strength at an effective and realistic pace. You will build your strength over the course of all the classes, and you’ll be amazed at the difference from start to finish. The program progressively builds in a strategic manner so you feel healing and change happening.

Realistic expectations and intentional progression

No “bounce back” narrative

Dr. Anna teaches you to reestablish the brain-body connection. Education and exercises work in tandem as you rebuild your core and floor. Experience healthy movement and activity for years to come as you learn to pay attention to your body’s cues. 

Restoring the connection between brain and body

Lasting confidence in movement

Strong Core Mama values education as the tool that will keep you healthy for years to come. Throughout the course you will receive instruction about your body’s anatomy and how to isolate and restore all the important muscle groups. It’s so much more than an online workout video. The Cesarean Track offers specialized education for moms to understand how to best heal after a cesarean birth. 

A foundation for the future

Empowerment through knowledge 

Each of the weekly classes features exercises that you can complete in 15-20 minute sessions. No special equipment required. Work out when it works for you. No need for travel, childcare, or appointments. Our monthly subscription model allows you to continue as long as you need or cancel anytime! 

Accessible classes that fit the craziness of mom life

Unlimited access and stress-free schedule

What's Included?

No “bounce back” narrative

NEW Cesarean Track

All birth deserves optimal postpartum healing. 

  • If you have ever felt isolated by or shamed for your cesarean birth…
  • If you have ever been told your birth was the “easy way out”...
  • If you have ever felt “less than” because of how your baby entered the world…

  • decrease scar adhesions and desensitize your scar
  • learn c-section mobilization and other advanced mobilization techniques
  • eliminate c-section shelf and scar pain
  • decrease common pelvic floor symptoms specific to cesarean birth
  • learn techniques to minimize pelvic floor tightness and pain 
  • learn valuable exercises to decrease pelvic floor symptoms

As a Pelvic Floor PT who has treated hundreds of cesarean moms and a cesarean mom myself, I know exactly what elements need to be focused on after a cesarean birth. These are the same exercises and education I use in the clinic with cesarean moms and that I used myself after 3 belly births!

In this cesarean track you will find a welcoming and supportive community to help you:

As a fellow cesarean mom, I relate to all of these feelings. I know the challenge of belly birth and the stigma that can come with a cesarean birth. I also understand the effects of having a major abdominal surgery that requires proper rehabilitation and education to heal well. Many cesarean moms are completely surprised by experiencing pelvic floor issues after birth. On top of the additional challenges of a belly birth, this can feel discouraging. I developed The Strong Core Mama Cesarean Track to ensure all moms can maximize healing. The Strong Core Mama Cesarean Track was designed for mamas just like you! 

All mamas should experience optimized healing. Strong Core Mama's Cesarean Track will help you rebuild core strength, minimize scar pain, and maximize healing. 

I’ve got a new narrative for you.

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-Bridgette DePolo

After my cesarean I struggled with pelvic floor pain and fear of how to get moving again. The Strong Core Mama program has given me confidence to get back into exercising and even ability to mom from a physically stable place. I now know the signs to look for if I am struggling with pelvic floor function and have the tools to get everything functioning better as well! Every mom needs this and I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Anna! I look forward to doing her programs with my future pregnancies as well! I know my body will thank me in preparing better physically for my next pregnancy!

"Strong Core Mama program has given me confidence to get back into exercising and even ability to mom from a physically stable place."

Eliminating postpartum back and hip pain

Foundation to resume physical activity 

Strengthening pelvic floor and surrounding muscles

Cesarean scar healing

rebuilding Core strength 

Restoring alignment

Course Focal Points:

Confidence to return safely to core exercises 

Diastasis Recti healing

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  • Playing with your kids pain-free?
  • Freedom to move without fear of leaking?
  • Avoiding the need for costly treatment down the road?

Save hundreds of dollars by properly rebuilding your core and pelvic floor.

What is the Value of...

-allison g.

"Through the educational videos I learned ways to fix my posture and get realigned. The course also helped me strengthen my core and hip muscles which I guess I don’t use enough in my life! While I am still quite active, I tend to not do enough stretching and to do the same exercises over and over again. Over time, I had developed a persistent problem with hip bursitis. The exercises in the program really helped me address that specific issue, and I was symptom-free within a few weeks. Anna knows her stuff! At my age (63) I want to take care of my body so I can stay active long-term. I recommend Strong Core Mama to women of all ages!”

"I had my three babies 29, 32, and 34 years ago, but Strong Core Mama still provided valuable help for me!"

Each class should take between 15-20 minutes in total depending on how many reps, sets and rest breaks you take. I encourage every mom to go through each class at least twice per week to experience results. Once enrolled, you will be instructed on specifics of how to progress through the program to maximize your progress and success.

How much time will this program take weekly?

YES! Check out the blog on Diastasis Recti to learn about how the Strong Core Mama program can heal your abdominal gap. The entire program uses evidence-based methods to heal diastasis recti. Each class emphasizes rebuilding your core in order to regain complete function of your abs while also protecting your pelvic floor. A common pitfall of many “mom tummy” programs is that they don’t take into account the pelvic floor and how it should properly be working alongside the core in order to heal diastasis recti. Then I end up seeing these patients in the clinic because their pelvic floor issues were not healed. Seeing this so often is one of the major reasons I wanted to create this program!

Do your classes address diastasis recti?

YES! Our program is designed to address pelvic floor dysfunction through exercise and education. I am a certified Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist with experience treating hundreds of women with pelvic floor issues. 

Do your classes address pelvic floor dysfunction?

YES! During pregnancy we all go through a lot of physiological changes so restoring neutral body alignment through exercise is very necessary. Both c-section and vaginal deliveries undergo severe core and pelvic floor weakness so both will benefit from the brain-body strength exercises instructed throughout the program. I understand personally the recovery of an unplanned c-section recovery. I’ve worked with hundreds of moms who have had both types of deliveries. The Cesarean Track offers specific education and exercises designed to help cesarean moms heal and restore.   

Can both c-section and vaginal delivery moms participate?

NO! It is never too late to make progress on your core and pelvic floor. I have moms who have become grandmas who are doing the course for the first time, and they are amazed by the outcomes that they see, even 30+ years out from having kids!

Do I have to be a newborn mom to be able to participate in this program?

Any mom after 6 weeks postpartum, with OB clearance, can participate in SCM.

Who can participate in Strong Core Mama Program?

Frequently Asked Questions about our program

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