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I help moms strengthen their core and pelvic floor, empowering them for confident movement through evidence-based rehab programs.

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- Heidi Calmus, AKA Mrs. Dude Dad

“I’ve loved learning how my core and pelvic floor play a crucial role in my everyday activities as a mom, and Anna’s program has not only helped me strengthen these muscle groups, but has also provided the foundational education to how these muscle groups work together, helping me with brain and body connection, and teaching me how to prevent any further damage, especially in pregnancy. She is also extremely responsive making me feel comfortable to ask questions for such a vulnerable topic.”

“I’ve loved learning how my core and pelvic floor play a crucial role in my everyday activities as a mom"

-Hannah requa, professional dancer

"I was encouraged and inspired by the way the exercises helped me reconnect to my core muscles initially and then begin to strengthen them again. The emphasis on correct pelvis alignment was also very helpful. Anna is extremely knowledgeable and engaging throughout the program. I am so thankful for a program like this! It is helping me feel confident to get back to dancing with a strong core! The encouragement to move slowly and with connection to the breath was very helpful to bring that brain-body relationship back. I appreciated the work in side planks and all the glute activation exercises as those parts of the body feel less stable after pregnancy. I so appreciated the video explanations. I know revisiting these foundational exercises will be key to keeping a healthy lifestyle as more movement comes back into life post baby."

"Core strength is paramount and is so hard to gain back post pregnancy. This program made that process so much easier than in my previous pregnancy/childbirth recovery!! I felt secure knowing Anna had sequenced each week intentionally and my body would be protected while gaining strength"

-Katie Follett, professional runner

"The Strong Running Mama program has been incredibly valuable in my postpartum journey! I have been a lifelong runner, but after giving birth I felt uncertain what movements were "safe". I wanted to rebuild a strong foundation and prevent injury as I increased duration and intensity in my running. I participated in the Strong Core Mama and Strong Running Mama programs postpartum. I am currently four months post-birth and running pain free! I also feel confident in how to "scale-up" or "scale-back" exercises to make them more or less challenging. So helpful! I would strongly recommend this program to every mom who loves to run."

"I am currently four months post-birth and running pain free! I also feel confident in how to "scale-up" or "scale-back" exercises to make them more or less challenging. So helpful!"

Peeing your pants on the trampoline and having a weak core doesn’t have to be your new reality. You can rebuild and restore your core and pelvic floor! Tackle motherhood stronger than ever! 

Mama, don’t accept this as your new normal.

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For active mamas who want to return to running and fitness postpartum. 

Strong Running 

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For mamas who want to restore your core and pelvic floor post kids. For vaginal AND cesarean moms.

Strong Core 

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For pregnant mamas who want a pain-free pregnancy and to prep for delivery and postpartum.

Strong Expecting Mama

Find freedom in movement and restore your strength and confidence throughout all seasons of motherhood. 

Whether you’re looking to ease pregnancy pain, sneeze without leaking, or get back to running the trails, Strong Core Mama Physical Therapy has a program for you. Rebuild the brain-body connection and rehab your core and floor. Each program’s subscription is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time!


Our Core Programs

Strong Healing 

Did you just have a baby? Get safe exercises to promote healing.

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6 weeks - 6+ years postpartum

0-9 months pregnant

2-8 weeks postpartum

12 weeks - 12+ years postpartum

Let me introduce myself...

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I couldn’t settle for that reality. 

Helping others move is why I got my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Movement has always been key for my well being, mental and physical. Since finishing my collegiate tennis career, I have done over 50 races with the nonprofit Athletes in Tandem, where I race with adults with disabilities. Pregnancy left me wondering, “Will I even be able to get back to running after the baby?”

Up to this point in my PT career, I had mostly spent my time treating injured athletes and helping them recover and rehab their bodies so they could return to activity pain-free. 

During my first pregnancy, I was confused and frustrated. I knew pain was common in pregnancy, but I hadn’t expected it to be this terrible. And why couldn’t I as a physical therapist find answers to my questions about what exercises were safe for pregnancy and what would help me alleviate the pain and discomfort? 

Hi! I'm Dr. Anna Towne. 
I have spent 10 years treating thousands of patients, helping them heal their bodies and recover strength. 

I want all mamas to have access to this knowledge so they don't settle for serious symptoms and pain before and after delivery. I want you to feel confidence to move your body and accomplish your goals. 

All Strong Core Mama PT programs rely on science and are strategically organized into manageable classes to empower you to rebuild and restore. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on future healthcare costs by building this foundation now. 

I found the answers to my questions through further education and hands-on training as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. The Strong Core Mama Physical Therapy Programs are what I wish I would have known before my first baby, and what I wish hundreds of patients would have known before their symptoms arose. 

Strong Core Mama is Born

Then an emergency c-section with my first baby girl left me even more dissatisfied with the lack of information about how to rebuild my core. I saw a huge hole in our medical system where moms were lacking proper education and care.

After many frustrated hours of scouring the internet for trustworthy resources on prenatal exercises and safe movement, I was fed up.

Don’t watch from the sidelines. With the confidence to move your body, you can participate in the memories as they happen. 

Investing in yourself is investing in your family.

-Challin Baro, twin mama with three under 2

“This second pregnancy with twins I knew I was much weaker than I had been in years because of the strain that twin pregnancy had put on my entire body.
I loved the Strong Core Mama program because it gave me the opportunity to truly focus on REBUILDING my strength so that I could be CONFIDENT getting back to my normal fitness routine, which included some pretty intense HIIT workouts.My biggest takeaway from the SCM Program was dramatically helping me improve the brain-body connection with my core and pelvic floor muscles. The Program taught me the right core muscles to strengthen and now I feel STRONGER and more confident in my strength.

I learned so much about my core and pelvic floor throughout the Program and I feel like Dr. Anna did a good job of teaching and instructing the exercises. I strongly recommend the Strong Core Mama program to ALL moms I know. Now, I know I can go to any workout class and feel ready to tackle whatever is thrown at me.  I’m back to Orange Theory and feeling really good about it! Thank you again for such a great postpartum rehab program.“

I loved the Strong Core Mama program because it gave me the opportunity to truly focus on REBUILDING my strength so that I could be CONFIDENT getting back to my normal fitness routine, which included some pretty intense HIIT workouts.

Strong Running Mama
Strong Core Mama
Strong Expecting Mama
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You are building the foundation for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  

This is NOT only a workout program. It is a rehabilitation program.

I have practiced physical therapy for 10 years and have treated thousands of patients, many just like you. I’ve also experienced 3 of my own pregnancies and postpartum seasons. No matter the challenge, I’ve either experienced it personally or walked through it with another mama patient. 

I help mamas just like you rebuild your body from your own home. Change is possible. In as little as 15 minutes a day, 2 times per week you will feel strengthening in your core and pelvic floor. 

Our online courses save you time and money. No appointments necessary. No childcare needed.

Most of the moms who have worked with Dr. Anna have said these exact words.
Let’s face it, there’s a lot of noise online. How do you know who to trust? With something as essential to daily life as your pelvic floor, it’s not worth the risk of trusting the wrong person. 

"I wish I had done this earlier!"

Move Better Through Motherhood

Strong Expecting Mama

Strong Healing 

Our programs were created to treat these common problems and help you build confidence to return to what you love!

I help with

Diastasis Recti

back pain

hip pain


pelvic floor dysfunction

core weakness

Cesarean scar healing

resuming confident movement

regaining an active lifestyle

returning to running

attention: new program announcement

Cesarean Track
of Strong Core Mama

A virtual program specific for cesarean moms to help guide you in deep core rebuilding and scar mobilization exercises.

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