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Frequently Asked Questions

My #1 goal for the classes is for you to feel confident that you’re doing the exercises correctly. To ensure that this happens I walk you through how each exercise should feel, and how you can make sure that the right muscles are activating. I clearly explain what to look for and how to avoid the wrong muscles firing so that you can feel empowered moving forward. I teach you how to identify where in your body you should feel the exercise and how to restore the brain-body connection to that specific muscle group.

How will I know I'm doing the exercises correctly?

We use household items such as small balls, chairs, or even balloons for these courses to keep them simple and easy to do at your own convenience and in your own space. All the specifics will be sent to you once you enroll in the course.

What equipment will I need? 

First, each course is a comprehensive rehab program that is more in depth than what can be found for free. Each class includes not only exercise videos but also a separate educational video so you are learning about pregnancy and postpartum specific anatomy and physiology and how it affects your motherhood journey! Secondly, the courses are based on research and founded on my 10 years of education, training, and experience. Each video is going to give you very specific steps on how to heal your body and how to prevent common pain and symptoms.

What makes these programs different from a free YouTube pregnancy or postpartum workout video? 

If you want one-on-one help from me then you can purchase a 45 minute coaching call. You have this as an option in addition to your monthly subscription at any point!
If you are located in Northern Colorado then schedule an appointment to come see Dr. Anna or one of her Pelvic Floor PT coworkers at Insight Pelvic Health.

What if I want one-on-one help from Dr. Anna?

Don’t worry! There are lots of ways to work with me! First of all, when you purchase a monthly subscription you have access to ask me questions on the exercises in the community Q&A. You can also reach out in the one-on-one chat if you have a more individualized question. 

If I have questions how can I contact Dr. Anna?

"The running program was great! I loved Anna's teaching, tips, and information she weaves in through each video. I feel much better informed about my muscles and proper technique. I'm not even a huge runner but this program helped with the running I do as well as my other strength training. Huge thanks! "

-Gretchen G., Mom of 2

"I have tried many different postpartum workouts/programs and this Strong Core Mama program is by far my favorite! I love how challenging the exercises are and the instruction from Anna is great. I am already recommending this program to all my friends!"

-Amanda B., mom of 3

"I hardly had any back pain after this pregnancy. With my first, I had back pain and pelvic pain that lasted for months. This Strong Core Mama Program definitely helped me bring my body to a neutral position and regain my strength. Anna is so good at cueing for the ribs and the right posture to really engage your core. It was such a blessing to get to do this class! I feel like I have recovered faster and have less diastasis than with my first pregnancy!"

-Trisha C., mom of 2

"I have loved Strong Core Mama! Dr. Anna does such a great job in explaining the how and why. I also love how clearly her mom heart comes through:)
Also, I just had my fourth and just learned about the program but so wished I would have had it with the others. Truly, such a big difference in my recovery and strength."

 Heather W., mom of 4

"I think these Strong Core Mama exercises are great to get people connected to their “core” after having a baby.
 The exercises are perfect for getting mama’s back to activity and fitness. Dr. Anna does a really great job of explaining how the body works!"

-Julie W., mom of 2 and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

"This SCM program was exactly what I needed to address the ongoing pain and problems I was having that prompted me to go to PT in the first place. It should be recommended to all moms who have had a baby, even if it was a long time ago! "

-Niki, mom of 2

"The Strong Core Mama Program is life changing!"

-Ashley D., mom of 5

"I love your Strong Core Mama & Strong Running Mama programs and I have learned a lot! There are so many little things I have been able to apply to my daily life activities as well as when I am exercising. "

– Caitlin W., mom of 1

-Alisa Therkildsen

"Overall, I feel like things are going great and I'm definitely getting stronger. Your program has given me the permanent strength my body was missing. Thank you again for such a wonderful program!"

"I absolutely LOVE your program! I’m just loving the exercises!! The program has reduced my back, hip, and rib pain. I have already referred other mamas your way!"